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Venus Freeze


Illumination is proud to announce the launch of the venus freeze face and body sculpt radiofrequency machine. Venus freeze has been voted the best non-invasive body sculpting machine in Canada and works in perfect synergy with the slender wonder weight loss program.

Lose weight and sculpt your body in preparation for summer. Venus freeze is a 100% safe non-invasive treatment combining both multipolar radiofrequency and magnetic pulsed fields. This revolutionary patented technology works in synergy to reverse the effects of ageing and delivers a more contoured silhouette, softer wrinkles, tighter skin and a more youthful appearance.

How It Works?

The Radiofrequency component increases the temperature of the skin and tissues uniformly and in a controlled manner, so causing thermal damage in the dermis. This triggers the “healing response” in the skin and tissue which induces collagen and elastin synthesis.

The Radiofrequency component also triggers enzyme mediated lipolysis which leads to a reduction in subcutaneous fat. The magnetic pulse component induces the release of growth factors required for new blood vessels.

The result is a marked improvement in